Motorcycle Camping Adventure Travel

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Motorcycle Camping Adventure Travel

Motocamperz is your one-stop for everything motorcycle camping adventure travel with tips, tricks, how-tos, and reviews.

Why travel by motorcycle? Why camp while you travel by motorcycle? why make traveling an adventure?

Let’s face it motorcycle camping can be fun if you have the right gear for the situation. was created to help other motorcycle riders buy the right camping gear for their next motorcycle trip. It does not matter what kind of bike you ride motocamperz will break it all down to help you make the best purchases for your motorcycle camping gear.

There is nothing like being out on the road and realizing the gear you purchased for good money is not worth shit in the elements. Maybe the new sleeping bag you just got a great deal on, only to sleep in it freezing your ass off every night.

Staying in Hotels is nice but can be pretty expensive and sometimes not worth the money. I can always travel longer on the road the more motorcycle camping I do. I hate paying high prices for shady motel rooms because of limited options or no vacancies. When I have the right camping gear, it’s more affordable and can be as comfortable to motorcycle camp than to keep staying in rooms.

Motorcycle Camping Gear

Most camping gear websites don’t talk about camping gear regarding motorcycle camping. Other sites usually categorize camping stuff in either car camping or backpacking, with not much in between.

Motorcycle camping gear is one that falls into its own category and won’t be as critical as backpacking gear, but will need to be more efficient than car camping gear.

Does a motorcycle camper need the lightest camping gear? No, it is not necessary to have all the lightweight camping gear on the market. Camping gear that is ideal for backpacking will work excellent for motorcycle camping, but it is costly because it’s made with the best new materials to pack small and light as possible.

The primary factor for camping gear to be ideal for motorcycle camping is whether it will fit on your bike or not. Capacity is a more significant factor than weight on a motorcycle when it comes to packing motorcycle camping gear. Most bikes can handle the load of camping gear no problem, but space on a bike is limited, even if it’s a Honda Gold Wing.

It is possible to buy an affordable motorcycle camping tent and fit it on your motorcycle loadout. The more affordable camping tents for motorcycle trips will be much more substantial in weight, larger compared to other tents in the same capacity, and will be harder to set up and difficult to pack on the bike. Remember this golden rule when buying motorcycle camping gear.

The best motorcycle camping gear will fall into the mid-range for size, weight, and price. For more information, reviews, and comparisons on bike camping gear, you can check out our camping gear for motorcycles.

motorcycle camping

Motorcycle Campers

Here at when we refer to motorcycle campers or moto campers, we are not referring to anything that one pulls behind their motorcycle. We are referring to people who camp on their motorcycle trips. likes shredding the back roads and tearing up the twisties, and towing anything behind a motorcycle is counterproductive when trying to ride.

We don’t have any experience pulling any trailer or campers behind our bikes and won’t be discussing it anywhere on

Best Motorcycle Gear

Safety is always a concern when traveling on a motorcycle. Having quality gear with safety in mind reduces the risk of severe injury or death. We break down what we feel is the best motorcycle gear. I have personally tried lots of riding gear and spent several hundreds of dollars on riding gear to find the best.

We all want to look good when we ride our bikes, and some people are more concerned about style over safety. Remember if you don’t wear any gear and you have to get off your bike, expect some road rash at least.

The most protective gear never seems to be very stylish it always seems that to get the right looking gear you need to sacrifice protection. Motocampers will review and compare quality motorcycle gear.

Motorcycle Blog

Our motorcycle adventures will be shared on our adventures page. Lots of pictures and a video cut to go along with the story of our experience for each of the moto-camping trips. “If you don’t have video it never happened,” at least that is what they say, so we always tell a story through video on each trip.

Also, any trip info or camping resources will be shared on our adventure page, but will mostly be for our motorcycle blog.

Motorcycle Camping Essentials

Motocamperz thinks electronics are the camping essentials needed for every motorcycle camping adventure. Lots of people will argue that they get away and camp to unplug and escape from the grid. However, some of us just can’t get away from it all, and we need to stay plugged into the rest of the world while we are on the road.

The camping essentials we think that are needed are the electronics, and we will cover them extensively in our electronics section. Again, it doesn’t matter what kind of bike you ride; this section will have something for you to utilize on your next motorcycle trip.

Motorcycle Trip

Whether its a camping adventure on a touring bike cruising the back roads or a weekend camping trip on the road glide with your girl cruising the twisties, has all the gear reviews you need to decide what’s the best camping gear to bring with you.

Whether its a camping adventure in the backcountry railing a dual sport down the single track or maybe you ride an adventure bike like a GS, and you plan on riding a backcountry discovery route. You’ll want to find the best gear to take for that specific trip, and moto campers have that covered on your next backcountry discovery route.

We even have something for our sport bikes and touring bikes that also take the occasional motorcycle camping trip.