Arai XD4 Motorcycle Helmet Review

This article is all about the Arai XD4 motorcycle helmet review. I will discuss why this helmet is so good and why it’s my favorite helmet today. I will consider all the features the Arai XD4 has to offer and explain why so many riders like this helmet. We will break down if the Arai XD4 is the best motorcycle helmet for motorcycle travel camping adventures.

The History of Arai

Arai helmet manufacturer is known for the high-end custom fit motorcycle helmet. Arai is known for quality helmet manufacturing. Arai helmets are on the pricier side, but you do get what you pay for. The Arai helmet to me fits like a glove, and it feels like it’s just made for your head.

Each Arai helmet is handbuilt and with a dedication to every detail inspected before every helmet is sent out the door

What I really like about the Arai xd4 helmet is the way it fits my head. I believe Arai puts a lot of attention into the fit of their helmets which is why they fit so many people so well.


Arai makes three different helmet shaped shells. 

The first round oval-shaped shell that is not entirely round but is the most symmetrical of the three Arai helmet shapes.

The second helmet shell shape which is the same as the Arai xd 4 is the intermediate oval shell shape. This intermediate oval shell shape is a middle of the road fit for a majority of riders right out-of-the-box.

The third helmet shell shape from Arai is the long oval. The long oval helmet shape provides a helmet for those with a narrow side to side and a more extended front to back head shape than the average rider.

All three of these helmet shell shape design comes with removable foam padding in the four head temple area and the cheek pads to give every rider a custom fit with their Arai helmet.


XD4 features

let’s talk about the impressive features of the Arai helmet.

The Arai XD4 has a chin vent for improved airflow.

As I stated above XD4 comes with cheek pads and temple pads on the four head that can be peeled away and 5 mm layers to give a custom fit for each rider.

It comes with a dry cool fully removable and replaceable washable anterior that keeps you drier and cooler for the long motorcycle adventures.

A comes with large sculpted vents that improve airflow as well as helmet stability at high speed.

The XD4 has exhaust ports and diffuser air vents that double the airflow while the shape provides excellent aerodynamic stability.

The cheek pads come with an emergency release system to allow easier access to an injured rider, the cheek pads slide out quickly with the built-in pull tabs on the underside of the cheek pads.

My opinion the Arai XD4 motorcycle helmet is like a Ferrari, it feels custom-built high-quality and just fits like a glove. 


The Visor Peak

I think it’s important to have the visor on this helmet. This helmet is designed for dual sports riders. However, this helmet is good to tour around the country with.

The visor to me is very important; it’s a must to block the sun when you’re riding into the sun. It works well, and it’s worth it alone.

There is no turbulence or high downforce or any disturbance at all by having this bill in high-speed wind blast.

The visor peak is very aerodynamic, and you really can’t tell it’s there at all. To me, this visor feature is a must-have even if you don’t buy Arai helmet, I would highly recommend a helmet with the bill visor on top to help block the sun, it’s a must-have in my opinion.


Arai Helmets vs Shoei Helmets

This helmet is a little bit louder than my experience with shoei helmets.

Shoei helmets do not have the intermediate oval shape; they’re more round, so the cheek pads are very compact on most riders in a Shoei helmet. The Arai helmet is a much more custom fit, but it does and will let in more noise in my experience.

This arai xd4 helmet is not loud by any means, but it’s not the quietest full-face on the market.


The Pros

handbuilt able to make a custom fit by removing layered pads and the helmet.

The visor helps block the sun causes no aerodynamic disturbances.

Excellent ventilation intake and exhaust ports very.

Very stable aerodynamically helmet at high speed.

Very lightweight

high-end composite materials for the highest safety rating possible


The Cons

1 Price – very pricey compared to other helmets on the market.

2 Noise level – not the quietest for a full-face helmet.



This helmet fits very well, Arai helmets are quality high-end custom fit hand built quality helmets that are very functional, durable, and has excellent ventilation. Also, a replaceable, washable inner liner with adjustable cheek and temple pads to ensure a custom fit for every rider. Arai xd4 is just an all around great helmet not just for dual sport.

I don’t know how you could not like this product, except the money for such a high-end helmet.

If you want a quality helmet that’s super comfortable and high safety ratings Arai XD4 helmet is the helmet for you to go on your next motorcycle camping adventure.

I hope you enjoyed our Arai xd4 motorcycle helmet review, and you can purchase an Arai XD4 with free shipping if you order through our link.

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