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In our motorcycle electronics section,  we review the electronics that we ride with on our motorcycle adventures. These are not necessary to have, but they make the experience that much better.

Motocamperz review intercom headsets for the helmet to communicate with other riders and Bluetooth your music to your helmet. Now, these headsets are not needed but its great to have your music and be able to talk to other riders in your group unless its someone who never shuts up. We will also have reviews of other motorcycle riding electronic accessories that we use on our bikes for music, radar detectors, phone mounts, etc.

Some people would not want to bring a laptop on their motorcycle trips, and we can understand that. I work out of a laptop, and I need power supplies and portable hard drives for our media on the motorcycle tours. We also have reviews of the computers and tablets and all the accessories that are needed to bring these electronic tools on our camping trips.

In this section, we will also do reviews of the cameras that we use for our videos and photography because let’s face it if you don’t have video these days it’s almost like it didn’t happen. It’s always nice to have video and photos of your trip that you can look at and always reflect back on.

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