ENO DoubleNest Hammock Review

I will break down the ENO doublenest hammock in this article and also talk about the pros and cons of the ENO nylon hammock. We will also help you decide if you should bring a hammock to sleep on instead of a tent on your next motorcycle camping trip.  We will help you decide if you should purchase the ENO double nest hammock and help you decide if this is the one for you.

The ENO line of hammocks are trendy, and they are now getting some competition. This is one of the first pieces of camping gear I bought and have lots of experience with ENO. They make lots of suspension systems, and a few of them are ideal for motorcycle camping adventures.

Eagle’s Nest Outfitters Doublenest Hammock

The ENO double nest hammock is a very popular hammock with quality design and features.

That Eagles nest outfitters double nest hammock ways only 19 ounces.

The Eagles Nest Outfitters hammock is made from 70-denier high tenacity nylon taffeta.

The packed dimensions of the double nest hammock are 5″ x 5″.

The unfolded dimensions are 9’4″ by 6’2″.

ENO double nest hammock is large enough to fit two people and has 400-pound weight capacity.

Heavy duty triple stitched seams with quick-drying breathable nylon.

Aluminum wire gate carabiners are included with each hammock.

The hammock packs away in its own stuff sack that is attached to the hammock to pack away nicely.


Buy ENO DoubleNest Hammock

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ENO Singlenest Hammock

E.N.O. also offers a singlenest hammock that is suitable for one person packs even smaller. Either the single or the double nest is ideal for a motorcycle camping trip. A hammock is worth bringing even if you sleep in a tent and you are just looking for a comfortable place to sit on your next camping trip.

The singlenest hammock weighs in at 16 ounces.

It’s made from the same 70-denier high tenacity nylon taffeta fabric.

The pact size of this single nest hammock is 4″ x 5,” and the unfolded dimensions are 9’4″ by 4’7″.


ENO hammock suspension options

The Atlas suspension system is nice and sturdy very affordable but is a little big I believe for a month to be packing on a motorcycle for a camping trip. The Atlas suspension system is ideal for around the house or car and camping trips, but the straps are just too heavy and packed two large I believe for a motorcycle trip. There are much better options from ENO that pack smaller and weigh less than the atlas but work just as well.

The Helio’s ultralight suspension system is crafted from superstrong nylon and these pack much smaller and is just as strong as the Atlas suspension system.

Helio’s ultralight suspension system I believe is a much better option for motorcycle camping trip, as it’s easy to hang, they pack away small, and are very lightweight.

The Helio’s ultralight suspension system also comes in an extra large version.

ENO also makes a slap strap suspension system to make hanging the hammock even easier.

Eagles nest outfitters have several options for hanging the hammock shelter systems. You can also buy your own suspension system or make your own whoopie slings. Some people even swear by a ridge line for your hammock. I sleep with a ridgeline on my hammock.

ENO Hammock Accessories

ENO also offers several rain flies to cover the hammock and use as a sleep system during the night even in weather.

Eagles nest outfitters also make the guardian bug net to completely cover the whole hammock protecting you from bugs while you sleep and nap in the hammock.


If you have never slept in a hammock, they’re very affordable, and it’s worth buying one and setting up in your house to sleep in one night or afternoon to try out.

I believe that a hammock suspension system and rain flies are fantastic sleeping systems to take on your motorcycle camping trip if you are not in the desert or not anywhere with no trees.

Apparently, it depends on where you’re going on your motorcycle trip because a hammock sleep system may not be ideal if you are traveling in the desert.



packs small it’s comfortable to sleep on

Great for sitting on around the camp.

quick and easy to set up


The ENO Hammack is kind of pricey

you have to have two fixed objects to tie it off to hang the hammock.

Insulation is needed below the hammock if sleeping on it in colder weather. These are known as an under quilt or sleeping on a sleeping pad.



An ENO doublenest hammock is a must have, whether it is used on the motorcycle trip, for the kids, or for everyday use around the house. They’re very affordable and very durable and can be hung indoors very easily.

A hammock can be an ideal sleep system for a motorcycle camping trip because hammocks are lightweight, they set up fast, a hammock can pack small, and they are comfortable. 

A hammock can also be a nice addition to bring along on a motorcycle trip even if you sleep in a tent. A hammock packs small enough and is nice to have in camp.


You can purchase an Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Hammock and get the same deal I got by buying from our link.


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