Motorcycle Gear

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Here is the place we have compiled all of our motorcycle gear reviews and comparison posts. Motocamperz reviews the gear we have bought and ridden on our motorcycle trips across the country.

We discuss several helmet reviews and the differences between helmets currently on the market. I’ve tried lots of riding gear, and I’m not sure I’ve still found my favorite yet, but we will help our readers determine what is best for them and their motorcycle camping trips.

We have also reviewed what we believe to be some of the best motorcycle jackets and pants you can purchase.

Also some gear reviews for hand and feet protection.

Motocamperz also has some great reviews for mid layers and under layers to go with the safety gear to stay warm in the mountains with the colder temps.

Let’s face it, motorcycle riding gear that has the best safety features and ratings are usually not the most stylish looking gear, and the most stylish moto gear is generally lacking all the safety features.

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