Olight S1 Mini Baton Review

The Olight S1 Mini Baton is a powerful light in a super small package at an affordable price. 600 lumens of light in a sub 3-inch compact pocket flashlight.

When it comes to cost, lumens, durability, weight, and size overall this light is very tough to beat.

S1 Mini is fantastic and ideal for a motorcycle camping trip. The Olight S1 Mini Baton is the best every day carry flashlight on the market in my opinion.

I am not the only one who thinks highly of this EDC flashlight, as you can read all the reviews yourself at amazon.com.


What makes the S1 Mini Baton so great?

1 – Size and weight. The S1 mini Baton comes in weighing at 1.4 ounces and is very very tiny compared to other pocket lights. 2.3 inches in length and less than an inch in diameter at .83 of an inch wide.

2 – Lumens, this light packs a severe punch at 600 lumens in such a small package.

3 – Price.


The S1 runs off a single CR-123 battery. A rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a micro USB connection and cable is included with the Olight S1 Mini Baton.

3.7 volt 650mah with 6500 Kandelas is produced.

The flashlight recharges in just over two hours for me from entirely dead to fully charged. A red LED indicates the battery is charging and a green LED shows the battery is fully charged.

Side Button Feature

The S1 Mini comes with a side button near the lens, most of Olights use this side button feature. The side button is protected well with a bezel that helps keep the button more flush with the light and cuts down on the problem of accidental button presses.

I have used this light a lot carrying it in my pockets and packing it away and never had it turn on by accident. There is a lock mode for the side button to lock the light out when in storage. With the light off, hold the button till the midnight mode comes on and then goes back off, then release the button and it is locked.

On the S1 Mini, the side button has a red indicator light in the middle of it that will light up when the battery is down to ten percent and also when the button is in lockout mode.


I think the Olight modes are easy to use and easy to remember even though they’re slightly different between models.

For the S1 Mini Baton in the lowest setting, also know as the midnight setting produces 5 lumens that can stay on for fifteen days. With the light off, holding the button for three seconds will activate the midnight mode on startup.

The second setting produces 15 lumens for up to thirty hours. Although I tested this setting its one that I don’t use that often.

The third setting, the primary setting you would use a lot as it produces sixty lumens with six hours of battery life.

The fourth and max of the regular settings produce three hundred lumens; this is the mode I use the most and last just over an hour of battery life.

How these settings are accessed is by turning on the light and then holding the button down while the light automatically flashes through the different modes of brightness.

Double clicking the button will turn on the max setting immediately. The double-click is a nice feature in my opinion, even with the light off just double click and pow, 600 lumens! The max setting of 600 lumens will only last about one minute and then will return to the 300 lumens mode or shut off if the battery dies.

A triple click of the button will activate the strobe feature on the flashlight.

S1 Mini Baton has a memory feature, and this feature works by remembering the last setting you had on before turning off the light. So when the light is turned on it will return to the same brightness level that’s last used before turning it off.

Additional Features

The Olight S1 Mini Baton has a phenomenal clip on it that allows you to carry or clip the light in either direction. Perfect to clip on the hat bill and use as a headlamp.

The S1 Mini also has a magnet on the tail cap to allow this light to be fixed to a metal surface to throw light hands-free. The Mini Baton has a decent magnet to hold its weight, but the magnet is not powerful enough to mount to the bike and stay while on a ride. The magnetized tail cap is a nice feature, and I find myself using it a lot around camp and in the garage.

The black texture has some decent grip, looks cool and futuristic, and seems very durable. I have personally had this light on two motorcycle trips and had no problems or worries with durability.

The Olight S1 Baton is entirely waterproof and will work underwater up to two meters.

Light Spread

The S1 Mini comes with a TIR reflector which provides the light with a very defined wide hotspot, it’s not a pinpoint hotspot, but more of a nice flood in a large area. A large wide flood of light to a distance of 130 meters out of such a small package is pretty nice. The S1 is a perfect flashlight to include on your next motorcycle trip.


It is so small you could carry it anywhere even on a keychain.

Its size is also why it can be used for just about any situation, even in the short spaces of working on the bike.

300 lumens most of the time with a 600-lumen blast for one minute when you need it.

Hands-free is possible with the phenomenal clip and the magnetic tail cap.


These lights also come in a rose gold copper and titanium versions that are pretty cool.


I don’t think there are any cons to this light. Honestly, this is the best EDC flashlight you can buy, hands down.

I guess a con could be that 600 lumens won’t do the job for you on your motorcycle camping trip. However, I’m sure this light at 600 lumens will spot the bear at over 130 meters from your tent! Doh!

Final Conclusion

Perfect for a motorcycle camping trip, and ideal for a primary or back up light on the road or any situation for that matter.

I don’t know how you can beat this flashlight and I don’t see how you would NOT want this product!

Where to buy the S1 Mini Baton

S1 Mini Baton from Olight sells for less than $50 even with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and 600 lumens. You can check here for current prices, and also check out the Olight S mini Baton in its sexy rose colored copper body. By purchasing these mini batons from Olight through our links helps motocamperz.com continue to bring you reviews and video content for our loyal folowers.

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