Shoei Motorcycle Helmet Review

This is my review of Shoei motorcycle helmet. In this article, we are going to discuss why Shoei helmets are so good.

We discuss the line of Shoei helmets and why they’re a good option for safety, comfort, and performance. We will discuss the safety features, ventilation, and other build qualities that make this helmet one of the best on the market. We will talk about the design of the showy helmet and break down whether this helmet is a good choice for you.

Shoei helmets are quality helmets and they have a price point that reflects that, but I believe you get what you pay for and Shoei helmets certainly fit that bill.

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What Makes Shoei so great?

Shoei helmets are in compliance with Snell and DOT safety standards. They’re premium helmets with some great safety features that we will discuss further below.

The Shoei helmet design has changed over the years to a more compact lightweight high-strength shell. This new compact design has improved safety through lighter helmets and stronger shells.

Superb ventilation with one of the quietest helmets on the market.


Shoei’s Integrated Liner

Shoei’s advanced integrated matrix liner is made up of three main features.

Fiber reinforced matrix is an outer shell that is made primarily of fiberglass. The Shoei helmet shell owes its main function to the integration of organic fibers. The results of this outer shell are high-strength but very low weight.

The second main feature is the compound structure. The Shoei shell consists of various layers of reinforced organic fibers and glass fibers. The shells are both lighter and more elastic also more resistant to penetration due to the additional use of the special fibers.

The synthetic resin is the third main feature. It is a specially modified polyester resin used for the outer shell. This synthetic resin is also extremely resistant to corrosion.

Shoei has improved safety through their high-strength lightweight shells making the safety of these helmets one of the best on the market. These outer shells are one of the main reasons Shoei helmets are so good.


Shoei’s Interior System

Now let’s talk about the interior system and why it makes the Shoei helmet so comfortable and such high safety ratings. The material and shape of the Shoei interior system are critical for the overall wearing comfort and proper fit of the helmet.

In the past, Shoei used very thick soft padding which provided good wearing comfort but did not hold well at high speeds allowing the helmet to buffet and be unstable. Shoei’s new multilayer multi-density liner components are the perfect balance between comfort and helmet stabilization.

The development of these new high-performance fabrics allows for greater sweat absorption and material that greatly improves rider comfort. The quality and performance of the liner from Shoei are comfortable, durable, stable, and sweat-wicking.

The aerodynamics performance technology from Shoei is designed into their helmets. Shoei realized that better aerodynamics would help stabilize the helmet better. Shoei’s product development team performed tasks in the wind tunnel to help develop a better performing helmet, a quieter helmet, and allow for better ventilation.


Advanced Ventilation

The ventilation is pretty awesome on the Shoei helmets. The safety liners have channels in them to help ventilate more airflow to the head.

Good ventilation is crucial for the safety of a helmet, this idea fundamentally changed the design of motorcycle helmets. Shoei set out to develop an effective high-performance ventilation system without sacrificing high-speed stability. With the dual-layer liner that allows cooling air to travel through the helmet between the layers enhancing the temperature in the helmet and replacing of warm humid air with fresh cooler air.

Shoei also created a helmet that is very quiet. The more compact design that has evolved with the wind tunnel research has created a very quiet helmet for Shoei. Just the way the cushions around the neck and around the cheeks make Shoei a very quiet helmet.

Shoei made a nice helmet with superb noise reduction without sacrificing safety and comfort.


My Experience With Shoei

I wore a Shoei helmet for a couple years and I really like Shoei helmets. They make a great product, very safe, and a very quiet helmet. The compact size does make a lot of people look like chipmunks. Shoei helmets are pretty tight in the cheeks and they do have cheek pads that can be adjusted in thickness to help combat that problem for some people. However, Shoei helmets are more of a round shape versus an egg-shaped or an oblong shape like other manufacturers.

My personal opinion is that Shoei helmets are more of a higher end helmet. With all of their comfort, safety, and technology features these helmets are on the high end of the helmet market.

The durability of these helmets is exceptional. My helmet has gone across the country and shows no signs of wear. The helmet works and functions just like the day I bought it.

If you have more of an oblong face the Shoei helmets might not be the best fit. They’re more for a round head so I would recommend trying Shoei helmets on your head to see how the fit is before you purchase one. You can pay a lot of money for a helmet that doesn’t fit properly. So be careful and always try helmets on before you cut the tags and ride in it.


Shoei PinLock Visor

The Shoei shield system for the flip-up visor is very nice and seals very well. Shoei has a very easy quick release and adjustable baseplate where the visor changes are made quick and easy.

You always have to be careful about dropping a helmet, even from a distance of just a few feet. Dropping a Shoei helmet from the seat of your bike could be enough to damage the safety rating of the inner liner causing it to not work properly in an accident.

Shoei’s new 2018 Helmet Offers

The Shoei Neotec 2  Shoei’s new modular helmet for 2018.

Shoei x-14

Shoei GT Air  Not a new helmet but with all new paint schemes for 2018.

Shoei X Spirit 3 Top of the line racing helmet.

Shoei Hornet ADV

The Cons of the Shoei helmet.

number one is the price. 

Another con is the round shape versus the oblong shape. I guess if you have a roundhead this is not a problem, but if you have an oblong shaped head this probably will be a problem.


Pros of Shoei Helmets

the lightweight compact size and many safety features.

The ventilation is plus on this helmet between the air flow, the vents, and the inner liner gives the Shoei helmets great ventilation.

I believe another important Pro to these helmets is the noise reduction. The Shoei helmets are very quiet helmets. You do not realize how quiet they are until you put another helmet on and then it’s very easy to realize the quality that goes into the showy helmets.

The Shoei helmets are Snell M2010 and DOT certified for safety standards.


The Conclusion

shoei helmets are top-of-the-line to protect your melon. The Shoei helmets are very comfortable, they’re lightweight, state of the art safety features, and are ideal for touring the country.

You cannot go wrong purchasing a Shoei helmet to protect your head.

I have ridden the Shoei Quest Helmet for a couple years which is the more affordable offer from Shoei and it’s a great helmet. They also make the RF 1100 and now the RF 1200 which are pretty much the entry-level onto the high-end helmet market and include more safety features than the Quest. I believe the RF 1200 has replaced the Quest helmet as the RF 1200 has more features but is coming in at the same price point for 2018.

You can purchase your Shoei helmet here.

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