Uniden R3 Radar Detector Review

In this review, we break down the Uniden R3 extreme long-range laser radar detector with GPSA good radar detector like the R3 is not a necessity on a motorcycle trip, but it is a luxury that is nice to have for your motorcycle adventure travel. We break down why this is our favorite radar detector and the features that make this radar detector stand out in the radar detector market.

I had a friend who introduced me to the idea of putting a radar detector on the motorcycle. I don’t speed all the time but let’s face it every once in a while all of us just like to open up the throttle and let ‘er rip. So having a radar detector on my motorcycle just gave me a little bit more confidence of not getting a speeding ticket and also to help me be aware of more police activity around me while I am riding.

With my windscreen on my bike, mounting the uniden R3 radar detector was very easy and just below my line of sight. The radar detector just seemed at home on my motorcycle.


What makes the Uniden r3 radar detector so good?

The Uniden R3 is featured with the latest and greatest technology on the market. The uniden r3 is capable of the extreme long range with built-in GPS which sets it apart from other radar detectors. It hasn’t easy-to-read OLED display, it also has a GPS for red light camera detection, and voice alerts are just a few of the features of this radar detector that makes this the number one selling radar detector on Amazon.


Uniden R3 features

It’s extreme long-range radar detection

Built-in GPS for red light camera detection

free updates to the GPS database

easy-to-read full-color OLED display

Quiet ride Max speed warning alert

voice alert

360 protection

advanced K and  KA filters

Mute memory to help eliminate false alerts.

Cigarette adapter with mute key and USB jack, a single suction cup, and a double suction cup brackets are also included.

From my experience and a ton of reviews of the R3 is one of the best radar detectors when it comes to preventing false BSM blind spot monitoring systems on new car models.

I have very few false alerts with this radar detector and when I do have the same false alert over and over I simply use the mute memory button and the radar detector remembers this false alert and well no longer sound off the next time you pass it.

The R3 is not waterproof, so I tuck it away in my bag when it starts to rain.

Here is a link to the USB to 12v cigarette lighter adapter that I use on my motorcycle to power my Uniden R3 radar detector.


From my experience and a ton of reviews of the R3, it’s one of the best radar detectors when it comes to preventing false BSM blind spot monitoring systems on new car models.


The pros

this radar detector’s extreme long-range is one of its best features

the built-in GPS for red light detection is nice to have.

The 360 protection is a huge plus.

The ability of the radar detector to mute false alarms alerts and remember them and for the future. Is a big deal.

The X band, K band, KA band, and laser all capable in this detector help pick up all modern-day law enforcement speed detection equipment.

The uniden r three also comes with specter elite undetectable so law enforcement cannot detect you because of the radar detector.

The cons

PRICE -The price of the Uniden R3 is on the higher end of the market but you’re getting tons of features all in one unit. So I believe the price is the fair market for the technology in this unit.

The R three has a volume control and can be hard to hear on the motorcycle at times. I ride with the Sena and music which can make it almost impossible to hear with music. So I have currently purchased the bit of kit for Sena to plug my radar detector straight into and listen through the Sena.


This radar detector is on the more expensive side but worth every penny. It packs tons of features like extreme long-range 360 protection with built-in GPS for red light camera detection.

I would recommend this radar detector to any of my friends. I would also buy another one in a heartbeat if this happened to get stolen. This product comes highly recommended by Motocamperz.com.

The Uniden R3 radar detector is also the number one seller in the radar detector department on Amazon.com

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